BrailleBlaster 1.0.8-beta Available

We are pleased to announce that BrailleBlaster version 1.0.8-beta is now available at The most exciting item in this update is that BrailleBlaster should now work well under 32-bit Windows and 32-bit Java. In fact, BrailleBlaster uses it’s own instance of the Java Runtime Environment so you don’t have to be concerned with whether or not you have the right, or any, version of Java installed.

Here are the highlights:

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BrailleBlaster 1.0.7-beta

We are pleased to announce the release of BrailleBlaster 1.0.7-beta. This includes a lot of corrections to various issues, listed below. You may download the new version from

We are very grateful for those who have helped us by reporting issues, but we would like more of you to participate. Please consider joining the beta mailing list by sending an email to . You may also report issues by writing to . We also have a general email address for communicating with the BrailleBlaster team, . Only with your participation can BrailleBlaster become the tool we all need and want.

The BrailleBlaster Team

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