BrailleBlaster 1.0.5 – Beta Release Notes

Announcing BrailleBlaster version 1.0.5-beta. Find it at

* Introduces the “Style Panel” which replaces the old style view
* Improves the user interface for working with the TOC
* Performance improvements
* Fixed some issues with Find/Replace
* Fixed many editing bugs
* Fixed issues with defining volume divisions
* Image placeholder works again
* Many other bugs have been fixed

Under Construction
* Editing line numbers is temporarily not working; should be fixed in the next update.
* There are issues with embossing, especially with embossing specific pages; fixed in the next update.
* Math rendering and editing—there should be at least some rudimentary support in the next update.

Known Issues
* There is still a lot of work to do on math rendering and editing.
* Sometimes adding and removing blank lines doesn’t work as expected.
* It is now confusing to attempt adding blank pages to the end of a document.
* If an edit forces a new page, the formatting does not render correctly until refreshed.

There are still a lot of small bugs in formatting and editing under certain conditions. Please report those you find.

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