BrailleBlaster 1.0.8-beta Available

We are pleased to announce that BrailleBlaster version 1.0.8-beta is now available at The most exciting item in this update is that BrailleBlaster should now work well under 32-bit Windows and 32-bit Java. In fact, BrailleBlaster uses it’s own instance of the Java Runtime Environment so you don’t have to be concerned with whether or not you have the right, or any, version of Java installed.

Here are the highlights:

  • Corrects a problem that caused a failure to find the previous or next page number
  • When you cancel the prompt to save your document on exit it returns you to your document rather than exiting
  • Corrects failure of some of the benchmark test books to open
  • Corrects problems running under 32-bit Windows. Please test this if you have a 32-bit machine. We still do not recommend 32-bit Windows because it is slow when working with large books. With small to medium sized files it seems fine
  • Corrects a translation error where there is a bold word attached to the end of a word preceding a bold word
  • Corrects problems with be, con, and dis contractions and capitalization indicators
  • Corrects a problem where BrailleBlaster was not skipping the top page number line when there was no bottom page number
  • Corrects superscript and subscripts not appearing in Nemeth math
  • Corrects line numbers appearing in the wrong cell position in certain instances
  • Adds the ability to edit braille page number in files without print page numbers
  • Corrects some problems merging elements when delete or backspace was used
  • Corrects problems with the page builder not removing formatting elements when it should
  • Table editor now refers to “direct” translation rather than “exact” for direct translation
  • Corrects a spacing problem in simple tables