BrailleBlaster Public Beta

Logo and icon of the name BrailleBlaster in blue font and a stylized image of a swirl of white braille dots on a blue background

As advancements in braille technology continue during the Year of Braille, the first public beta of BrailleBlaster, a desktop publishing tool for braille textbooks, adds to the momentum.

The ambition of the BrailleBlaster team is to get every student the textbooks they need on the first day of class. This goal is accomplished by providing a tool box that simplifies the formatting of high quality braille textbooks. When combined with an experienced transcriber and structured source material such as NIMAS or EPUB files, BrailleBlaster can increase the number of pages completed by 60%.

Screenshot of a book excerpt in BrailleBlaster with the print view on the left and the braille view on the right

BrailleBlaster tools include:

  • Table of contents generator and editor
  • Automatic table generator with adjustments
  • Special symbols generator
  • Automatic index and guide words generator
  • Automatic poetry and prose line numbering
  • Volume splitter and joiner
  • Automatic T page and P page generator
  • Label graphics
  • Braille icon creator

The purpose of the BrailleBlaster public beta is to get your thoughts, ideas, and experience on making high-quality electronic and embossed braille.

Prior software testing is not a requirement. We welcome the input of new and experienced beta testers alike.

There are four steps to testing. Your level of participation may be flexible depending on your own and usage time constraints.

  1. Download and install the software
  2. Read the documentation
  3. Use the program
  4. Provide feedback

To download the software, go to and follow the instructions.

To read the documentation, select Help from the BrailleBlaster menu.

To use the software, create some braille.

To report feedback, either click on the Feedback Link on the page or join the email list by sending a blank email to for a more in-depth conversation with the owners, developers, and other users.